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Federal Immigration Minister Takes Action on Quebec's Family Reunification Levels

In a recent development, Federal Immigration Minister Marc Miller has intervened in Quebec's family reunification policies. Here's a breakdown of the key points:

Minister's Decision:

  • Minister Miller communicated his decision to Quebec's Minister Christine Fréchette via a letter, stating his intention to process permanent residence applications from family reunification applicants holding a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), amounting to approximately 20,500 applications.

Clash of Jurisdictions:

  • This move highlights a potential clash between federal and provincial jurisdictions, amidst ongoing discussions between the Quebec provincial government and the federal government regarding Quebec's family reunification targets.

  • Quebec's current family reunification targets are set at around 10,000 immigrants annually, a figure Minister Miller deems "artificially low."

Long Wait Times:

  • Family reunification in Quebec entails significantly longer wait times compared to federal standards, averaging between 24 to 26 months, as reported by CTV News Montreal.

Historical Context:

  • Quebec has historically sought increased control over its immigration policies to preserve its francophone culture. This autonomy was solidified through the Quebec-Canada Accord, granting Quebec full selection authority over immigrants to the province.

Federal Intervention:

  • Minister Miller's decision marks a rare instance of federal imposition on Quebec's immigration directives since the signing of the Quebec-Canada Accord.

Quebec's Response:

  • Quebec's immigration ministry asserts the federal approach undermines Quebec's jurisdiction and opposes the will of the Quebec nation, emphasizing the need for federal respect of provincial immigration autonomy.

  • Additionally, Quebec's immigration ministry had been exploring independent avenues for family reunification in alignment with the province's immigration policies, prior to Minister Miller's directive.

This development underscores the complexities surrounding immigration governance in Quebec and the delicate balance between federal and provincial authorities in shaping immigration policies.

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