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Migrate to Canada


 Streamlined Canadian immigration for skilled workers via the Comprehensive Ranking System, selecting high-scoring applicants for Permanent Residence. Our service evaluates eligibility and offers tailored recommendations for improvement.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) provide Canadian provinces and territories with the authority to nominate individuals for immigration, aligning with local labor market demands. These programs create an alternative route to permanent residency, catering to skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and students who meet specific eligibility criteria.

Recognizing the significance of family sponsorship, we'll assess your individual circumstances and ability to sponsor your family to Canada. Our support extends to guiding you through sponsorship applications and aiding the sponsored person's application for permanent residence.

Geared toward individuals with one year of Canadian work experience in the last three years under NOC 0, A, or B, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program facilitates the transition of temporary foreign workers and foreign graduates to permanent residency in Canada.

An LMIA is a document required by Canadian employers to hire foreign workers, indicating the need for the job position and the unavailability of Canadian workers. Upon obtaining a positive LMIA (also known as a confirmation letter), the worker can proceed to apply for a work permit.

Canada's Start-up Visa program enables entrepreneurs to immigrate by launching businesses, creating local jobs. Applicants must showcase an innovative, competitive business idea and can reapply after three years of successful operation.

Canadian spousal sponsorship allows citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their partner for permanent residence in Canada. Priority is given to spousal sponsorship applications, enabling the sponsored partner to work with their own open work permit in the country.

Explore diverse pathways for Canadian immigration through business-related visas, including the Self-Employed Person option, Startup Visa program for entrepreneurs, LMIA for employers and other Business Immigration Programs for experienced managers.

But thats' not all !

Here at ICG Globe, we believe in smoothlining the entire process of your arrival and stay in Canada. It is not just about the visa process alone. We understand that there are countless other worries any new immigrant has and so we offer the following additional services to guide you in this important transition of your life.

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