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Working at the Office

Open Work Permit

 An open work permit refers to a work permit that is not tied to a single employer or location. This means that a foreign national with a valid open work permit may work for multiple employers in multiple locations throughout Canada. It should be noted that certain open work permits may have additional requirements or restrictions that must be respected by foreign nationals.

Open work permits are most commonly issued through the following immigration programs:

Benefits of an Open Work Permit

Open work permits are highly sought after for the freedom they give their holders. While most work permits are tied to a specific employer, an open work permit allows a foreign national to work for any employer in Canada and the freedom to move from location to location at their own discretion. By gaining Canadian work experience, many foreign nationals will improve their eligibility for Canadian permanent residency. As Canadian work experience is accrued, foreign nationals can monitor their eligibility for the following pathways to permanent residence:

Eligibility for Open Work Permit

Foreign nationals in the following situations may be eligible to apply for an open work permit:

The exact eligibility requirements and application procedure vary depending on which of the above-mentioned situations a foreign national meets.

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