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IRCC's Approach to Assessing Institutions for International Student Admission

IRCC's New Framework: Evaluating Institutions for International Students

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is devising a new approach to assess colleges and universities, focusing on factors like graduation rates and revenue from international tuition fees to determine their reliability in facilitating international student admissions.

The Goal of the Trusted Institutions Framework

The forthcoming "Trusted Institutions Framework" aims to categorize "designated learning institutions" based on these metrics. It will expedite the processing of study permits for institutions considered "trusted," providing an incentive for the education sector to demonstrate responsibility in admitting international students.

Criteria for Evaluation

The framework, outlined in a document obtained by the Star, will assess institutions on indicators such as student retention rates, completion rates, reliance on international tuition revenue, scholarship support, mental health services, and teacher-student ratios.

Addressing Concerns: Setting Higher Standards for Institutions

The primary objective is to recruit genuine learners, support high-quality education, and ensure positive outcomes for graduates. Developed after consultations with provincial and territorial ministries of education, immigration, and education stakeholders, this initiative aims to set higher standards for international student admissions.

Program Improvements: Reforming the International Student Program

The International Student Program Review, highlighted in the Transition Binder, identifies areas for government action, including addressing program integrity issues, improving equitable access, refining work pathways, and overcoming systemic barriers.

Recent Actions: Measures Taken by Immigration Minister Marc Miller

Recent measures implemented by Immigration Minister Marc Miller include doubling financial requirements for new students, introducing stricter verification processes, and imposing a two-year cap on study permits to manage the influx of international students. These efforts aim to ensure the sustainability of the International Student Program amidst Canada's evolving immigration landscape.

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